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I Know What I Am: The True Story of Artemisia Gentileschi
Graphic novel about this artist I love. In seventeenth century Rome, both an art history lesson and a novel about sexual violence and resistance.

price: 12.00

I Know What I Am: The True Story of Artemisia Gentileschi The Trial of 1612
a continuation of the previous book, this tells the true story of Artemisia Gentileschi bringing to trial a man for raping her in 1612. The trial is brutal. The story ends with her painting "Judith Slaying Holofernes"

price: 12.00

infecticitis 13 deconstructing internalized capitalism and how to draw a flower

price: 2.36

It's Down to This #2 On Sexual Violence, Accountabilty
This second issue comes 6 years after the first, and has thoughful essays about a number of things - including the need to actually be invested in eachother: "When I've witnessed reaction and responses to call-outs for sexual violence, little attention is paid to healing, particularly for those who have been harmed." an essay by someone who had been called out, and what it took to really engage in the process and re-author an identity where being a perpitrator of sexual violence was a part of who he was not who he is. Also stories/poems of racism and colonization, herbs to help transform grief and trauma, growing cultures of care/rethinking consent and sex positivity as part of anti-colonial, anti-state violence work.

price: 5.42

Keep Track: Pocket Calender
This is my little calender and pocket organizer! Cute drawings! Fits in your pocket! There are two pages for each month, with four blank pages with little drawings for taking notes and making lists.
The calender part has blank spots for you to fill in the dates, so that you can start at any time, but if you want me to fill it in, I will.


Know Your Vote
Issue 9 will teach you about how the different levels of government represent you, and help provide a foundation to being civically engaged. From Federal, to state, on down to county and local branches, Biff Boff Bam Sock provides who they are, what they do, and how they’re elected. Also includes some starting points for registering to vote, contacting your reps, your own beliefs, and steps beyond just voting! 24 pages

Laid Stuff I wish I'd known about SEX before I started having it
mini zine about exactly what it says it's about, written by Sarah who wrote "Dangerous Damsels" (and a bunch of zines below). Info on masturbation, your first time, sex feeling good and how it doesn't always feel good, learning to communicate, self image, saying no, being queer, and more. Tons of stuff piled into this tiny little zine.

price: 1.33

Learning Good Consent
It's a compilation zine, sort of like a companion piece to the Support zine. Articles and stories about learning how to practice sexual consent.
If you want this zine and can't afford it, just write and send some stamps and I will send you one.

Look to the Sea + Sky Weekly Planner
A weekly planner good for any year (fill in the dates) with a different Dorisy drawing on each page. 128 pages. Spiral bound.

Make All Good Things Fall Apart #2
This half-size, 32 page zine, featuring a colour cover, is a collaborative project between Clementine Morrigan and geoff. It explores addiction, alcoholism, recovery, trauma, madness, radical sobriety, sobriety as resistance, intersectionality and the various ways in which addicts and alcoholics are constructed.

Support Marius Mason teeshirt
Support my friend trans-green-scare prisoner. All money goes to his fund.

No Gods No Mattress #32
Musings from life - funny and sad. Organizing a per-zine fest "Dear Diary" because zine fests are changing into more of a capitalistic merchendise thing than a sharing thing. It sounds like a really beautiful fest and I wish I could have been there! Relationships and insecurities and abuse and cats and art and writing.

No Gods No Mattress #30
Enola's amazing newish issue - i love as always. drawings and stories and dreams about 2017, friends, moving, cats, distractions, technology, goth, getting healthy, biking a long ways. I LOVE ENOLA's zines!

No Gods No Mattress #31
rebuilding after disaster, the power of magick, sobriety, drawings and stories and traveling in prague and hitch hiking in Europe.

No Godz No Mattrezz #29
Living, surviving, magic, Oakland homelessness and development, rape apologists, Pittsburgh, NY, hitchiking, building a shack/home. I love Enola's writing! and Enola!


No Gods No Mattress #28
Another great issues. working on ballance, trying not to compare self to others, deserving care and love, deserving happiness. Making a list of people who love you, being gross, getting tattoos, trauma and witches and cops and hospitals. sorrow and feeling the fog lifting.

Phantom Limb
Beautiful and wandering, my favorite zine in awhile. Heavily illustrated stories about traveling in Japan. Tiny vinettes about death, people known, sex+consumerism, dreams. Very haunting.


Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Beyond the Crisis
The new issue (No. 30, 2018/2019) is titled "Beyond the Crisis": "The world is on fire. It has been, for quite some time. If you’ve done any organizing, you’ve felt it—that sense of racing about, extinguishing this flare up or that, spending precious energy and resources surviving the immediate emergency and hoping the future will somehow save itself. If you’ve watched the news, you’ve felt it—disbelief combined with the raw hilarity of the media circus; just when it seems things couldn’t get worse, or more frightening, or more absurd, they do. If you’ve ever worked three jobs to keep your family afloat, you’ve felt it. If you’ve listened to climate scientists, or survived a hurricane, or watched helplessly as an unseasonable forest fire tore through a landscape you loved, you’ve felt it—the rising certainty that we have waited too long, that global temperatures are edging toward tipping points from which we will never return. We are burning. ... We don’t yet know what strategies are going to work, or what life forms and social forms will survive the transition from past to future. We don’t know what culture and society will look like—which ingredients it might revitalize from ancestral knowledge systems, and which innovations it might incorporate from emergent social contexts and experiences. There will be transformation. There will be evolution—and revolution. There will continue to be change. ... The civilization that brought us to this point of peril will not be the one that gets us through and out the other side to a society that is ecologically sustainable, equitable, and free."

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