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High on Burning Photographs #10
I love ocean's stories. This zine includes sections from the memoir they wrote and then decided not to publish when they found out one of the main characters is a rapist... Obviousy, they don't reprint the parts about that person, but do include wonderful stories about their first "punk community" in Philly when they were 19, with big queer dance parties. Drag night, race and gender and sex. Also stories about oceans life now, working as a social worker in SanFrancisco, and how shitty people in the tech industry are about homelessness, socialwork, and everything.


Hoax #7 Feminisms and Change
Another great thick issue! Exploring "What are our goals for ourselves and our communities? Which methods do we use to gauge change and it progress ever quantifiable? In shwat ways do we knowingly and unknowingly showcase personal changes and how are these changes read by others?" includes a bunch of great essays and reflections! Includes: "Fat is Still A Feminist Issue," "White Activism as Performance," "Blood Alchohol Content: On Family, Assault, and Giving Up Drinking," and a whole ton of others great topics!

price: 3.39

Hoax #8 Feminisms and Mythologies
What is the role of storytelling and folklore in supporting women's and trans* narratives? When do we keep and when do we discard traditions? How do we confront myths about sexuality, diversity, change and progress within our communities? Where do societal norms and values end and our desires begin? and more!

price: 3.39

Hoax #9 Feminisms and Vulnerabilies
A ton of really great, powerful essays! How can vulnerability be used as a tactic for individual empowerment and social change? How do we establish healthy boundaries in the conxtext of community building work, and when does it become important to push ourselves past our designated limits? How do class, race, gender, and other markers of oppression and privilege influence our ability to ask for help and receive services and accommodations?

price 3.39

Hoax #10: feminisms and embodiments
"How are class, gender, race and other identity markers represented within and by our physical bodies? How can we controt our bodies to navigate our enviornments in ways that feel affirmative and safe? What does it look like to fully embody the values of anti-capitalist, anti-racist, queer, feminsit praxis? How are the body and the mind interconnected and what strategies can we employ to heal both simultaneously?..." Another thick, full issue of this great feminist compilation zine!

price: 3.39

Hoax 11: Feminisms and strategy
"What strategies do we utilize in daily situation as well as in response to entrenced harmful ideologies and hierarchies? How can our political and social justice efforts leave lasting impressions?" and so so so much more


I Know What I Am: The True Story of Artemisia Gentileschi
Graphic novel about this artist I love. In seventeenth century Rome, both an art history lesson and a novel about sexual violence and resistance.

price: 12.00

I Know What I Am: The True Story of Artemisia Gentileschi The Trial of 1612
a continuation of the previous book, this tells the true story of Artemisia Gentileschi bringing to trial a man for raping her in 1612. The trial is brutal. The story ends with her painting "Judith Slaying Holofernes"

price: 12.00

Imaginary Windows #4
Bike stories, figuring out how to be their queer high-femme self and perform gender while also riding thier bike, getting stronger, mapping the city, femme invisibility; and a bunch of other interesting stuff: mail being delivered by pneumatic tubes, sound art, receipes, the artist Tanyth Berkeley. I love this kind of eclectic zine. My favorite kind.

price: 2.36

Imaginary Windows #6
My favorite kind of zine, good writing and lots of topics: living in New Zealand and Halifax, handstands and circuses, femme identity and being genderqueer. Angela Carter, Lynda Barry (my favorite artist!), fermentation, tarot.

price: 3.39

infecticitis 13 deconstructing internalized capitalism and how to draw a flower

price: 2.36

Infecticitis #15
handwritten personal and political zine, with comics and articles and stories: critiques of "lifetime" movies and gender steriotypes, TV culture and advertisments, magazines and pharmacutials. Coming back to the US after 5 years in Berlin and the shock of car culture, constant cell phones... celebacy, imperialism, living in a survelience state and DIY cryptography. Student loan debt and how it passifies recent generations. Black Lives Matter and talking about performing resistance, art and racism.

price: 3.89

It's Alright: A Truckface Anthology v. 2
Everyone thinking of becoming a highschool teacher should read this anthology! "Through strikes, standardized testing, violence, bouffant wigs, school closings, and drawings of wieners, Truckface documents the life of one Chicago public school teacher. Simultaneously hopeful and hopeless, this volume contains Issues 12-16" (from MMD website).

price: 23.00

It's Alright: A Truckface Anthology v. 1
I don't think I had ever read the earlier issues of one of my favorite zines. I only knew LB after they became a teacher. This book chronicals her messy, messed up, disgusing, beautiful life. "From scooping chicken salads to selling clothes to shelving books to teacher training, Truckface details years of embarrassment and missteps.This volume contains stories of rowdy backyard brawls, awful customer service, awkward social interactions, underpants dance parties, staying angry and learning how to try.

price: 19.00

Keep Track: Pocket Calender
This is my little calender and pocket organizer! Cute drawings! Fits in your pocket! There are two pages for each month, with four blank pages with little drawings for taking notes and making lists.
The calender part has blank spots for you to fill in the dates, so that you can start at any time, but if you want me to fill it in, I will.


Laid Stuff I wish I'd known about SEX before I started having it
mini zine about exactly what it says it's about, written by Sarah who wrote "Dangerous Damsels" (and a bunch of zines below). Info on masturbation, your first time, sex feeling good and how it doesn't always feel good, learning to communicate, self image, saying no, being queer, and more. Tons of stuff piled into this tiny little zine.

price: 1.33

Learning Good Consent
It's a compilation zine, sort of like a companion piece to the Support zine. Articles and stories about learning how to practice sexual consent.
If you want this zine and can't afford it, just write and send some stamps and I will send you one.

Make All Good Things Fall Apart #1
Written by Geoff (Nobody cares) and Clemintine (Sea Witch) this zine is an "invitation for further exploration, honesty, communication and dialoge" around drug and alcohol addiction. Both writers are sober addicts, reflecting on their own past use and the implications it had on their lives. Includes thoughtful questions about your relationship to substances, including questions about the criminilization of certain types of addicts. Trauma and triggers. Being starved of "the right to envision and experience sexuality as sane and safe, as wild and mine..." Healing.

price: 3.39

Make All Good Things Fall Apart #2
"...part of the ongoing conversation around addiction, intoxication culture and accessiblity." includes articles "drinking the glue that holds us together," about politically and critically analyzing intoxication culture, and how it's about more than creating sober spaces; intoxication and (lack of) consent; and more.

price: 3.39

Make All Good Things Fall Apart #3
Sobriety, using and trama and hypersexuality, abstinence and harm reduction, 12 steps, ritual, queerness, growth.


Support Marius Mason teeshirt
Support my friend trans-green-scare prisoner. All money goes to his fund.

Mend My Dress #10
4 one sheets together in 1 zine: Creating security and home and refusing to leave over and over, depression + trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. As always, in Neelys beautiful dark and loving style that I love so much.

price: 2.36

Mend My Dress: selected zines 2005-2007
One of my favorite zines compiled into a new book. There is a lot of writing in here I've never seen before, plus issues 1-6 of Mend My Dress zine, which is alot about abuse and healing. Very powerful. Very excellent.


Mental Health Cookbook: Crating Connection with Food and Herbs
Beautiful booklet by the creator of Everyday Magic, this booklet is about finding connection to the natural world through plants. Full of beautiful drawings, information and tips. Live food, nutrition, whole foods, gardening, medicinal herbs, and healing rituals. Very beautiful.


Motor City Kitty #26
Typed on a beautiful handwritting manual typewriter. Writing about therapy and developmental trauma, and trying to let in good feelings like the beautiful moments from Girls Rock Camp.

price: 1.32

Motor City Kitty #24
"I think disclosure's frightening for anyone telling anyone (else) about their past..." Struggling with suicidal thoughts, therapy being pushied on them after their father died (age 13) and later attending radical mental health collective meetings. Surviving a sexual and emotionally abusive relationship trying to access therapy and it being shitty. Finally finding a good therapist who understands how trauma lives in the body, how to listen to our inner voices, embracing imperfections.

price: 3.39

Motor City Kitty #23
The magic of being in a band with folks who are relatively new to their instruments and learning together, being a second generation punk, pain and abuse, support and what it looks like, stories about their dad, friends, bikes.

price: 2.36

Neither Doll House nor Tree Houses: On Living Outside of the Gender Binary
Looking the part: when is gender a drag and when is it not? not in a vacuum: how transgressive genders lose or gain meanings in various spaces. None of the above: on choosing the label of no label.


No Better than Apples #10
Always such a beautiful and haunting zine. This issue talks about friendship, connection, love, the unspoken, remission, having multiple sclerosis, playing music, writing songs, being messy in so many ways, wanting to kill their friend's abuser, "I will drive wherever I have to to make my friends feel safe, I will walk them to their cars every night, I will feel rage and fold it into myself and let it burn clean out, I will get all pink and think about the ment, I will never ever forget."

price: 3.39

No Better Than Apples #9
beautifully written zine full of imagery, telling the story of losing the feeling in their body and eventually being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Although it is a specific topic, it's applicable to all of us, the way they write about dissociation and connection to their body, how friends and others provide support, her own inner resources. It's also just so beautifully laid out and so powerful.

No More Words #2 On Heartbreak and queerness and, most importantly, survival
"...on the theme of heartbreak and lessons learning during the grim process of pulling myself together after ending a romantic relationship that had spawned an adulthood. This perzine describes the process of working through debilitating grief & coming to a strange peace with the loss..."


No Gods No Mattress #28
Another great issues. working on ballance, trying not to compare self to others, deserving care and love, deserving happiness. Making a list of people who love you, being gross, getting tattoos, trauma and witches and cops and hospitals. sorrow and feeling the fog lifting.

No Gods No Mattress #26 : The Abandonment Issue
Housing, estrangement, PTSD, lost friends, fear

price: 3.39

Not Queer as in Radical but Lesbian as in Fuck You
A follow up to the zine "Reimagining Queer community." Rachael, growing frustrated with "queerness as a youth oriented, male dominated subculture" experiments with calling herself lesbian instead of queer and experiences backlash - being called "essentialist" and "slut shaming"
"This zine is not in any way anti-queer," but rather an exploration of the "false dichotomy that has been established between (lesbian and queer)" and how neither term is inherently radical or transgresive but how each can be.


On the Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of the City by Erick Lyle
This is on of my favorite books, written by the author of SCAM zine. So inspiring, smart, and funny. A "history of creative resistance in a world awash with war and poverty... tales of squatting... playing hit and run punk shows in the streets, and organizing neighborhood anti-war parades..." (from the back of the book)

11 ounces
12.50 u.s., 13.80 canada and mexico, 19.00 international

on the road to healing: an anthology for men ending sexism
ed, basil shadid
this book was originally a series of zines that came out between 1998 and 2004. I was always so impressed by the work basil was doing, and am excited to have these zines all together in a book! It's a great collection of short, accessible, powerful essays and stories. Includes: The Cult of Manhood, My Reisistance to Feminism, Intentional Masculinities Interview, Personal Goals for Ending Sexism, and a ton more!


Phases of the Moon #5 Broken Bicycle and a Ruined Love Life
Long, thick story about alcoholism and getting out of an abusive relationship. Beautifully written story, familiar and terrible. About closeness and drunkeness and not understanding alcoholism. Suicidal threats and traumatic bonding. Al-Anon and it bringing more questions - what is the difference between acceptance and being a doormat. Domestic violence, why it's so hard to name and leave. Disconnection from reality. A great zine, and certain to save someone's life.

A Practical Guide to Fighting Monsters: winning against the enemies of your heart and your head.
I love this zine. Each page is a funny picture of a monster, what it does, what it's weakness is, and a quote. Like Blue Phunk, N. Sentient, Toady Brownnoser, Vex Tantrum. Super funny and good way to identify problematic self tendencies and how to combat them with humor.

price: 2.36

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