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The Adventures of Cublet Dvorsky
Sweet writing about crushes, mental health, frienship. Also a thoughful story about violence, mental health, anarchism and trauma - being a queer, trans, female socialized young person from a working class background, and looking at how their ideas about non-violence and fighting back are changing - including protesting.


ANAlog #2: dispatches on d.i.y. anorexia recovery
this is an amazingly great zine, and this issue is so good. In it, ponyboy violet recounts how, at age 22, when they hadn't eaten without medical monitoring for 10 years, they developed their own healing strategy: "I needed to be: away from the loving people who pressured me into eating, away from foods that I could recognize and therfore memorize the calories of, away from scales, and closer to a revolutionary situation that would jolt me into figuring out how to surivive."

price: 3.39

Anarcha-Feminism: Perspectives on Anarchist Theory #29
Book by Institute for Anarchist Studies. Starts with a comic I drew! History, intersectionality, challenging liberalism, and more.

Spanish translation of Support zine, an anthology zine about supporting abuse survivors.

price: 3.39

Areolas and Eyelashes
This is a beautiful zine, about trauma, addiction, femme, PTSD, sobriety, being misgendered and misraced, written by a "rad, mixed-race gender queer anarchist that believes in creating communities of love and still dreams of smashing the state..."

price: 2.90

Always and Forever: A Zine About Friendship
A compilation of stories about friendship. "Stories and comics about friendships lost, about the difficulties of making new friends as an adult, about creating solid friendships, about friends as intentional community and so much more."

price: 2.36

Animal Liberation/Animal Celebration Postcards #1
Set of 8 postcards painted by Green Scare political prisoner Marius Mason. Images include brown bat, harbor seals, elephants, brumbies, mouse, Tilikum, krill, and a beautiful painting about the interrelationship between Elk and Wolf. All procedes go to Marius to help meet his basic needs in prison.


Baba Yaga Burns Paris to the Ground
Super interesting essay/zine about the 1871 Paris Commune (where people were fighting to create a secular, classless society) and the State's use of propaganda about fire weilding women to turn them into monsters. Tieing it in to fairy tales of Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, witch hunts, and Baba Yaga - "they used trickery, cunning and secrecy -- negative qualities ascribed to women by European society -- as tools of revolt."

price: 3.36

Better Days: Stuff that helps with all this anxiety
cute drawings chronically the things sarah does to help with anxiety, from holding her pet hedgehog to staying up late, to focusing on a friend, finding some structure, and more. Inspiring. Makes me want to make one too.

price: 2.36

Blackout #3 :interiors
"Blackout is a zine about memory. Named for what I've lost to trauma." In this issue of Blackout, Tara writes about an abusive relationship in order to organize their experience, manage the overwhelming muddled feelings, and also because there are so few good resources about emotional abuse, particularly ones that go beyond describing emotionally abuse behavior patterns to explore what it actually looks like, feels like. This is a powerful and excellent zine!

price: 5.30

Bloomer number one
Personal and political zine about social justice and love and the creative process and pain and dreams of connection and commuinion and wholeness. Nicely layed out with good graphics, Ben writes about his heart being in different places across the country, about his Aunt-hero, style and humility, hope, change and more.

price: 4.39

Cheer the Eff Up #5
"The longer I work an office job, the older I get, the stronger I feel about anarchism." More wonderful stories including all the best charactors/friends, the old highschool FTL crew (the way we form cohesion), wanting to be part of a community again but feeling alienated. Stories about his dad and grandpa, and finding out he's going to have a son after wishing he's have a daughter. The ways identity can describe but not define.the way bell hooks talks about saying "I advocate feminism" rather than "I am a feminist, focusing on belief rather than which box you fall into.


by the author of Cheer the Eff Up: The Greatest Most Traveling Circus! book!!!
I love this book! Written by Jonas of Cheer the EFF Up zine, this is a bunch of fictional little stories including my favorite superhero Amazing Man. I'm not totally sure how to describe it all, but it's so great. Curses and forlorn love, kindergardeners and punks. All these sad, strange slices of people's lives so strange they are clearly fiction, but so simple they could be true.


cometbus #54: in China with Green Day
Aaron goes on tour with Green Day to China! Epic. More than a travel zine. The part I liked best was talking about how selling out is judged, but people just giving up their creative lives and doing nothing really worthwhile is not judged.

5 ounces

Cometbus #55 Pen Pals
This is my favorite issue in a long time. It gets at the sorrow and placenesses of living in a world where the punks and leftists of the past have not really passed on their insights or provided a groudwork for us to stand on. Punk friendship-love and how it draws out the sides of us we can't express or see.


Cometbus #56: A Bestiary of Booksellers
A giant new issue of Cometbus, with each chapter obstensibly about another NY bookseller, but about way more than that, of course. Somehow it brings all Aaron's obsessions together: community, urban anthropology, books, girls, tradition, creating our own lives outside social views of "success," code names, being remembered, being forgotten, the artist and the underground, and a ton of weird, funny slights and jokes that I always wonder if other people understand. I love this issue.

price: 5.45

Cometbus 57
Aaron is a really amazing interviewer, and even though I don't know a lot of these comic artists, this issue tells a whole nother story - about art and community and what we say and what we don't say. why we do what we do. woven togehter in Aaron's tapestry way. ...for those of you who know comic artists names, this issue includes interviews with "Gary Panter, Julia Wertz, Ben Katchor, Adrian Tomine, and Gabrielle Bell, but also comics scholars, publishers, shopkeepers, and librarians. Featuring beautiful illustrations by Nate Powell, a wraparound cover by Jeffrey Lewis, and a breathtaking Al Jaffee interview that ties it all together in the end."

The Dangerous Powers of Witches: Spirituality, Autonomy, Community and Literacy
"...an essay about the Essex Witch Trials. Informative and educational, it goes beyond the historical facts to explore the political implications of the witch trials. Rather than simply considering the event as a persecution of ‘witches’, this zine looks at the construction of the category ‘witch’ and how it was used to justify the torture, murder and oppression of poor, disabled, old and otherwise marginalized women. It explains how even the smallest forms of organization and resistance were considered to be and treated as major threats..."


Dig Deep #6
About figuring out what matters in life and how to honor those things... including stories about growing older and growing into self; friends and zine fests, why you make things, street harassment (yelling "EWW GROSS..." right in a harassers face).

price: 1.33

Dirty Love #1
Learning to love parts of self that have been trained to hate. What is love? What would it mean for someone to love you? Introversion and anxiety. Wanting to create movements based in radical love.


Dirty Love #3
Stories that wind and weave around transformation, life, growth. dreams and tarot, reaching out for the part of the self that got left behind.


Don't Be A Dick: revised editions
A zine about rape culture, male socialization, a critique of traditional porn, the importance of consent, including being honest enough to look at one's history, and a great article called "what kind of man are you going to be?". This revised edition features "More sex positivity, more cock love, better analysis, more genderqueer!"
It is so important that guys start doing this work, and this is a really good introduction zine about these issues.


Doris #32
A sweet mixture of stories about femininity training and conversationalists and making a more meaningful happier life, death and creativity, the first of an interview series on anarchists over 40, book reviews, a letter from Marius Mason, green scare trans prisoner, about music and indicator species.


Doris #31
Squatting on Cape Cod in the winter, freedom dreams, learning to build houses, raising lambs, death, reparations, and the usual way doris talks about a million hopeful and sad things all at once.

price: 2.80

Doris 30
This issue talks about ways we create lives outside the mainstream structure, how we find and build community, and what that can mean to our ability to survive, heal and thrive. Touring, living with bees, book reviews, how to start a study group. Plus a bunch aboutcommunity accountability models of dealing with sexual assault - both critique and reflection of situations I have been in and what I felt was needed or not needed. Also an interview with the group Support New York and lessons they've learned from many years of doing accountability work.


Doris 29
This issue of Doris includes: "How I Quit Worrying and Learned to Love Being Queer," plus stories and comics about mini horses, voting, helping start a Rock and Roll Camp for Girls, and more!


Doris 26
hope and language and shyness and social ecology and truth.
2 ounces

Doris 23
this is about love and my grandma and abortion and menstrual extraction and being in jail and camping.

Doris:an Anthology of zines and other stuff 1991 - 2001
My First Book!!! Back in Stock finally!!! the first issues of doris - raw and sweet. secrets, wandering, trying to figure out the world.

The Encyclopedia of Doris: stories, interviews, essays.
My New Book!!! This has issues 19-27 of Doris, plus a bunch of new writing and other writing that was never published. Apple Crisp, Audre Lorde, Abiku, Anarchy, Abortion, Boats, Boogers, Caty's Farm, Consent, Depression, Death, Elephants, Girl Gangs, etc.


The most powerful and hopeful zine I've ever read about incest survival, body memory, trauma and healing. Peregrine spent years writing it. It is not a raw testimonial, but an unfolding of his story, starting with his discovery that he was a childhood incest surviver, with intense body memories but not many specific fact memories - and the difficulties of belief and denial, within himself and his family.
So many men I know are sexual abuse survivors, and I have seen very few zines written by men about it. I know this zine will help so many people. It is great regardless of your gender!
I recommend this zine for everyone - regardless of whether or not you are an abuse survivor. It is an essential peice of writing for us all.


Ethics of Care
""the ethics of care" is a perzine that was written in less than 48 hours, while my father was in the hospital in 2013. it is very personal & touches upon death, grieving, sex, gendered myths of care, white privilege, the scarcity of resources and myths regarding this scarcity, and abuse. it is imperfect and raw, but that's how i was feeling at the time." (from Hoax website)


Everyday Magic #3: Love

Another beautiful issue. Each page is dedicated to a healing plant, with a story that connects to it. Becoming real, healing from abuse, building something solid, birth, loss, release. roses, cedar, mullein...

Everyday Magic #2: between
magic, oppression, white supremacy, ritual healing, capitalism, queers, apocalypse, bodies, betwixt.I love the struggle to bring magic into our political lives.

price: 4.42

Everyday Magic #1
I love this zine. I love the struggle to bring magic into our political lives - figuring out ways to bring healing in to our lives and communities without neglecting the political or coopting cultures that are not ours. This is a great zine that does just that, talking about learning to pay attention to plants/ocean/self. "I want to practice a spritiuality where personaltransformation is tied to collective healing." They talk about belief systems and name changes and rituals, paganism and kitchen witch and ritual. some specific rituals they did. powerful small stories. This zine opens up so many possibilities.


Everything is Fine
This zine is about haivng an eating disorder and writing the zine as part of working to change. Talks about body hate and social expectation of thinness; sexual maipulation and the way we are taught "no means no" but also that we aren't supposed to say no and should just go along with what the other person wants. Nver feeling a sens of belonging in general or belonging in her body. Finding paganism and a new story.

price: 2.36

Fat-tastic: A Body Positivity Zine #3
A great collection of stories: Internalized fat hatred, and working to filter it out; critiques of capitalism and misogyny, great drawings and self-portraits; Things Not to Say to Fat People and Things TO Say; Going to the Gynecologist; a story about being small and very thin and mistaken for a child; On Being Naked; Steping outside comfort zones.

price: 3.90

Fat-tastic! #2
A great little compilation about body image, with stories about Yoga for Everyone, Fat & Healthy, Scars, Ballance, and a sweet and powerful letter to Beth Ditto, who is a great role model for fat acceptance.


Fat-tastic: A Compilation zine about Loving Your Body #1
The first issue of the great zine! Includes the essays/stories "Fat Math: The Equation of Self-Love," weight versus wellness; patriarchy and the media; an love/apology letter to the body; parents patroling weight; great artwork and self-portraits; a daughter dealing with judgements in school; DIY positive affirmation cards, and more!

price: 2.36

Fighting Back: self defence for women and girls
this is a onesheet zine that has basic advice about self-defense. body language, verbal strategies, fighting moves. It's a good guide for starting to do self-defense with your friends.

Filling the Void: interviews about quitting drinking and using
A great resource for people trying to quit. Not spiritual or straight-edge. 8 interviews with people who have quit drinking and/or using. Frank discussions and stories about the positive and negative roles drinking/using had in their lives, why they decided to quit, what they struggled with and how they managed to do it.
interviewees include Erick Lyle (Scam zine), Artnoose (Ker-bloom zine), Cindy (Doris zine), and John Geek (The Fleshies). Interviews conducted by and edited by Cindy and Caty Crabb

4 ounces

First Tour Problems
Ever wondering what it's like to be a girl and tour-manager and sound person for a metal-core band? Here you go. Pretty interesting, way more interesting than a regular tour diary because it's about way more.

price: 3.39

Fixer Eraser #2
Stories from Jonas, under the theme of trying to move from "recuperation mode" to "Living" Includes: Chattanooga zine fest and loving being committed to selling your thoughts for next to nothing. Breaking and getting back up, the discomfort men have in defining themselves as feminists and problems with it either way -- Positive Masculinity story... and more!


Raw and beautiful zine by geoff of areolas and eyelashes, about queerness and coming out, what it means to be queer, never being able to fulfil masculine expectations, oppression and how we unwittingly reproduce it, forgiveness, fear of closeness, recovery, and more.

price: 2.90

From the great above she set her mind on the great below
"...about fear, change, things that cannot be put into words, courage and love. It’s about turning twenty-seven, sobriety and recovery, and feeling long buried feelings. It’s about grief, dissociation and trauma. It’s about vulnerability, hope and trusting the process..."


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