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Cut: a zine about getting free by chopping off my hair
"deals with internalized antiblackness and documents a journey through becoming the most herself she's felt in years.
1.20 wholesale

Don't Be A Dick
A zine about rape culture, male socialization, a critique of traditional porn, the importance of consent.
An updated version of this zine: It is so important that guys start doing this work, and this is a really good introduction zine about these issues. excerpt from intro: "This is a zine intended primarily for straight, non-trans men to do something about sexual violence and rape in their own lives. In a way, I'm writing this for my past self - I could have used something like this a couple of years ago..."

1.80 wholesale

Doris: an Anthology of zines and other stuff 1991 - 2001
the first issues of doris - raw and sweet. secrets, wandering, trying to figure out the world.

7.20 wholesale

Encyclopedia of Doris: stories, essays, interviews ****ON SALE****
Issues 19-27 of Doris zine plus a bunch of stuff that was printed in other zines and a bunch of new writing!

7.20 wholesale

Doris #31

Squatting on Cape Cod in the winter, freedom dreams, learning to build houses, raising lambs, death, reparations, and the usual way doris talks about a million hopeful and sad things all at once.

1.50 wholesale

Doris 30
This issue talks about ways we create lives outside the mainstream structure, how we find and build community, and what that can mean to our ability to survive, heal and thrive. Touring, living with bees, book reviews, how to start a study group. Plus a bunch aboutcommunity accountability models of dealing with sexual assault - both critique and reflection of situations I have been in and what I felt was needed or not needed. Also an interview with the group Support New York and lessons they've learned from many years of doing accountability work.

1.80 wholesale

Doris 26
hope and language and shyness and social ecology and truth.
1.20 wholesale

Doris 23
this is about love and my grandma and abortion and menstrual extraction and being in jail and camping.
2 ounces
.90 wholesale

Everyday Magic #1
I love this zine. I love the struggle to bring magic into our political lives - figuring out ways to bring healing in to our lives and communities without neglecting the political or coopting cultures that are not ours. This is a great zine that does just that, talking about learning to pay attention to plants/ocean/self. "I want to practice a spritiuality where personaltransformation is tied to collective healing." They talk about belief systems and name changes and rituals, paganism and kitchen witch and ritual. some specific rituals they did. powerful small stories. This zine opens up so many possibilities.


Everyday Magic #2: between
magic, oppression, white supremacy, ritual healing, capitalism, queers, apocalypse, bodies, betwixt.I love the struggle to bring magic into our political lives.


Everyday Magic #3: Love

Another beautiful issue. Each page is dedicated to a healing plant, with a story that connects to it. Becoming real, healing from abuse, building something solid, birth, loss, release. roses, cedar, mullein...

Filling the Void: interviews about quitting drinking and using
A great resource for people trying to quit. Not spiritual or straight-edge. 8 interviews with people who have quit drinking and/or using. Frank discussions and stories about the positive and negative roles drinking/using had in their lives, why they decided to quit, what they struggled with and how they managed to do it.
interviewees include Erick Lyle (Scam zine), Artnoose (Ker-bloom zine), Cindy (Doris zine), and John Geek (The Fleshies). Interviews conducted by and edited by Cindy and Caty Crabb

2.40 wholesale

It's Down to This: reflections, stories, experiences, critiques and ideas on community collective response to sexual violence, abuse and accountability
this huge zine (100 pages!) is a tremendous resource for people who are committed to ending sexual violence. The past few years have seen an upsurge of community-accountability processes of dealing with assault - and lots of questions and issues these processes have raised. This zine collects a mulititude of stories, reflections and articles - from advice on finding a therapist, written by a perpetrator who is in an accountability process, to articles describing what different accountability groups look like, to raw stories of the failure of radical communities to step up and offer support to survivors. Intense and essential zine for people doing this work.

3.00 wholesale

Keep Track: Pocket Calender
This is my little calender and pocket organizer! Cute drawings! Fits in your pocket! There are two pages for each month, with four blank pages with little drawings for taking notes and making lists.
The calender part has blank spots for you to fill in the dates, so that you can start at any time.

2 ounces
2.40 wholesale

Look to the Sea + Sky Weekly Planner
A weekly planner good for any year (fill in the dates) with a different Dorisy drawing on each page. 128 pages. Spiral bound.

Masculinities: Interviews by Cindy Crabb
Interviews about role models and subtle things about masuclinity and exploring what we were taught about it, how that teaching effected us, and how we challenge it. With folks: including Shane (Ahleuchatistas), Brontez Purnell, Colin Atrophy, Larry (Pretty Pretty) and more!


Beautiful zine, sewn together, written by Finn of "Everyday Magic." Writing and drawings about being on a farm, learning ..."how little i needed and how much the city demanded." learning "the ways that i am shaped by shame..." and a beautiful becoming.

price: 3.00