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This is part of an article from a zine I can't remember which one, from the early 90's.

Walking the War Zones

I feel unsafe walking down the streets in broad daylight and in pitch black darkness. I've been attacked and insulted and torn to peices by sidewalk commentators who find me to be that morning's action, that afternoon's entertainment, that evening's fun and games. I've been attacked by racist, sexist, homophobic street spectators who presume the right to insult me, judge me, own me, and beat me.

The other day I was slapped by a man whose homophobic comments induced me to flip him off without even looking back--this has become such an automatic reaction; he lumbered after me in an attempt to regain his sense of injured manhood and threatened to beat my "white nigga ass" into the ground and that of my "white niggerass punk boyfriend" as well--problamatic for him considering he just called me a "fucking dyke"--if I dared to do it again. I screamed back at him, spitting back in his face as the stench of beer oozed out of his rancid mouth, as he came closer and closer to me until he was two inches from my nose. He grew absolutely infuriated that I dared to stand up to him, to scream back in his face and taunt him for being such a big man for threatening a ninety-eight pound Asian woman. So he put his hand over my face and shoved.

A five-year old kid tried to hold up a friend of mine with a baseball bat, telling her to "gimme the bike, bitch!" This was a block away from my house. A block away from my house, my friend was clocked on the side of the head by some drucnken assholes looking for a fight. He didn't give it to them. Walking to a friends' apartment in the Mission District --drug-dealing-buying-selling haven--two friends saw a group of twenty men stuff a screaming woman into a garbage can. A group of gangsters made high-pitched "ching chong" noises at a Chinese woman as she walked by. A woman I know got a bottle thrown at her head by a group of kids.

There are so many examples of this kind of shit that I can't even begin to express the build-up of anger and hatred inside me, the frustration of feeling helpless, knowing that I can't just take a baseball bat to these men, that I can't pull out a gun and just blow away their kneecaps and their precious balls.

I'm sick of this.

I'm sick of being mentally pawed and prodded by sidewalk shitheads. It's not their "right" to verbally abuse me as I walk by. I'm not here for them. It's not "free speech," it's complete bullshit. It makes me angry to think that I can't walk out of my house without clenching my fists in preparation for conflict, that I can't go down to the grocery story without a bunch of kids running after me trying to pull me off my bike by my hair. That I can't walk with a friend of mine down a busy street without someone deciding to throw a punch at me because I don't want to hear the shit he's spewing. That I'm constantly feeling as if I'm at war on the streets, in enemy territory, stepping around minefields when I deliberately avoid large groups of loud, raucous men coming toward me on the sidewalk or when I take a longer route home to avoid certain blocks, whether it's frat row or the drug-dealing projects near my house.

I'm sick of the feeling of frustrated helplessness, the sense of powerlessness, that I can feel rising up in the back of my throat, that I wish had some sort of phyusical presence so that every time I'm harassed on the street I could take this manifestation of my anger and fear and hatred and beat the perpetrator senseless.

I'm sick of the excuses that white liberal guilt fabricates to justify, excuse, apologize for these men's behavior when they happen to be latino or black: "It's a cultural thing," "There're oppressed and have no other way to express this anger," "They're poor and homeless," "They're victimized by society and they feel emasculated by the white men," "They're being discriminated against by a white, racist, capitalist society and so you have no right to further criticize them," "You're being RACIST." What! .... (I can't find the rest of this article)