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from the zine I've Got Angels in My Head, by Billie Rain

Healing Tips

If you are having a flashback, and you know that this is happening, try some things on this list. If one doesn't help, go on to another. They are designed to break a trance state and to get you back in touch with the present.

Many of the suggestions are taking from Chrystine Oksana's Safe Passage to Healing. Others come from many different survivors and therapists..

- Blink hard. Blink again. Do it once more as hard as you can.
- Change your body position.
- Breathe slowly and deeply
- Go to a safe place
- Say your name out loud.
- Drink a glass of ice water
- Tell someone what you need.
- Move vigorously to release energy.
- Name people or objects in the room.
- Hold something that is comforting.
- Listen to a tape of something soothing.
- Make tea. Drink it.
- Call a friend
- Eat a snack.
- Jump up and down waving your arms.
- Lie down on the floor; feel your body connecting with it.
Keep your eyes open.
How does it feel?
- Make eye contact with your pet. Now hold it.
- Clap your hands
- Breathe deeply, Keep breathing. Pay attention to your every breath.
- Hold a stuffed animal, pillow, or your favorite blanket.
- Alternatively tense and relax some muscles.
- Try and "blink" with your whole body, not just your eyelids.
- Move your eyes from object to object, stopping to focus on each one.
- Wash your face.
- go outside for sunshine or fresh air.
- Repeat to yourself: "I am safe. This is (month, day, and year). I am --- years old. I am a big person. I can protect myself."