What is Riot Grrrr? Have you ever felt confined by girlness, by boyness?
Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if no one had ever said to you "you are a girl. this is what girls do how girls play who girls like how girls act how girls look. this is a good girl this is a bad girl this is a slut girl whis is a prude girl this is a cool girl this is a dork girl."

what if you got to make up your own mind.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if no one had ever said to you "you are a boy, here is what boys do how boys play who boys like how boys talk how boys look. this is tourgh boy this is a wimp boy this is a popular boy this is a nerd boy."

What if you got to make up your own mind.

What if no one or nothing had ever told you or whispered to your mind that you are worthless and will amount to nothing and nothing you do matters and why don't you have it together yet why don't you know what you want why don't you have this or that thing you are suppose to have

what if you didn't feel so alone

what if you got to love who you love without judgement what if you got to learn about your body without abuse or shame. what if you go to discover who you were without being told. What if you were not shoved into a box and told to shut up or speak louder and don't listen

the Riot Grrrr Revolution says it's time to burn the boxes. it's time to throw out the system. it's time to reclaim what's ours. Our lives.

Riot Grrrr celebrates the all of us.

Riot Grrrr fights for a world where people aren't forced to be what they're not; where people don't kill themselves because there's so few options, where people aren't murdered for not conforming.

Riot Grrrr is what we make it. It is for you. Tell me what it is. You don't have to have it all figured out. it is about subversion. it's about learning and teaching eachother and inspiring and helping eachother. It's creating a new ethics to go with our new self-understanding.

Riot Grrrr Revolution Now!!!

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