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cindy crabb, PO Box 9183, Pgh, PA 15224 feel free to pay by cash at this address!
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DIY Doula self-care for before, during and after your abortion
Witten by a collective who supports people during abortions, this zine has articles, tips and comforting and informative comics that demystify and provide solid advice for determining your needs throughout the abortion experience. From transportation and childcare to self-advocacy, breathing and visualization. A really amazing resource.


No Godz No Mattrezz #29
Living, surviving, magic, Oakland homelessness and development, rape apologists, Pittsburgh, NY, hitchiking, building a shack/home. I love Enola's writing! and Enola!


A Fieldguide. A Tale of Warning. A Map of the Dark If Sex is not Violence we Need another Strategy
Exploring how polyamory was used in a relationship to manipulate, invalidate and hurt. Beautifully written and smart.


Phantom Limb
Beautiful and wandering, my favorite zine in awhile. Heavily illustrated stories about traveling in Japan. Tiny vinettes about death, people known, sex+consumerism, dreams. Very haunting.


Fucking Magic
Fucking Magic #1 is the first issue of a new perzine series. A meditation on sexual trauma and shame this zine reclaims sexuality as a practice of magic. Tracing lineages of trauma through child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, emotional abuse, queerphobia, and multiple rapes, sexuality is rediscovered as a site of transformation and healing. Reimagining sluttiness and nonmonogamy in sobriety, seeking out femmme4femme desire, facing down queerphobia and biphobia, pursuing pleasure and surrendering shame, this zine is a declaration of the healing power of claiming sexuality on one’s own terms. A celebration of the power of friendship, an affirmation of the importance of joy, and an invocation of magic as a practice of embodied collaboration with a living im/material world, this zine dives deep into pain while making space for profound wonder and gratitude. Hopeful, heartfelt, disturbing, and empowering Fucking Magic is an act of love in the context of complex trauma.


Stuck in Place #2: Genocidal Desires: On Death Spirit Land and Colonization
"This zine seeks to think through the ways that conquest structures our worldviews and desires" digging in to difficult and complex questions around white supremacy, liberal capitalist concepts, identity and history.

***ON SALE*** The Encyclopedia of Doris: stories, interviews, essays.
Issues 19-27 of Doris, plus a bunch of new writing and other writing that was never published. Apple Crisp, Audre Lorde, Abiku, Anarchy, Abortion, Boats, Boogers, Caty's Farm, Consent, Depression, Death, Elephants, Girl Gangs, etc.


Telegram #41
Telegram #41 specifically, this zine is a text-heavy exploration of what happened with my body & psyche when my disability benefits came up for review and were threatened with being cut off, how it felt to be forced to crowdfund rent & food, casting spells to cope, applying for access to alternative transit for disabled folks when I could no longer use public transit, trying to make myself at least semi-comprehensible to social workers, hysteria, sickness, & haunting spaces while I'm still living. (review by author)

Telegram #42
about city magic, befriending loneliness, borderline feelings, crip-days & crip-grief & crip-love, crying, un/dereducated writers & crazy people, connecting my high school dropout lineage to creativity & survival, ableism & loss, discussing chronic suicidality, asking whose stories are valued & why, imagining freaking out as leading to (re-)invitations rather than isolation & shame & gossip, politicizing recovery, &&&…(description by author)

Cometbus 57
Aaron is a really amazing interviewer, and even though I don't know a lot of these comic artists, this issue tells a whole nother story - about art and community and what we say and what we don't say. why we do what we do. woven togehter in Aaron's tapestry way. ...for those of you who know comic artists names, this issue includes interviews with "Gary Panter, Julia Wertz, Ben Katchor, Adrian Tomine, and Gabrielle Bell, but also comics scholars, publishers, shopkeepers, and librarians. Featuring beautiful illustrations by Nate Powell, a wraparound cover by Jeffrey Lewis, and a breathtaking Al Jaffee interview that ties it all together in the end."

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