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***ON SALE*** The Encyclopedia of Doris: stories, interviews, essays.
Issues 19-27 of Doris, plus a bunch of new writing and other writing that was never published. Apple Crisp, Audre Lorde, Abiku, Anarchy, Abortion, Boats, Boogers, Caty's Farm, Consent, Depression, Death, Elephants, Girl Gangs, etc.


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SCAM: 25th Anniversary Issue
Giant thick zine - 150 pages!! Must read for the times! Plus writing on Resistance in Trump Era, art shows in NYC empty lots, scamming Greyhound tickets, anti-gentrification activism in Bay Area, squatting in Baltimore, skating Fukushima, SHELLSHAG, Kenya Robinson, Vanessa Renwick, Lee Lozano, Mierle Lederman Ukeles, Bonnie Ora Sherk, Ayotznapa activist tactics, killing your stalker, making a DIY mesh network internet, community trauma, why graffiti is still important, much much more!

Telegram #41
Telegram #41 specifically, this zine is a text-heavy exploration of what happened with my body & psyche when my disability benefits came up for review and were threatened with being cut off, how it felt to be forced to crowdfund rent & food, casting spells to cope, applying for access to alternative transit for disabled folks when I could no longer use public transit, trying to make myself at least semi-comprehensible to social workers, hysteria, sickness, & haunting spaces while I'm still living. (review by author)

Telegram #42
about city magic, befriending loneliness, borderline feelings, crip-days & crip-grief & crip-love, crying, un/dereducated writers & crazy people, connecting my high school dropout lineage to creativity & survival, ableism & loss, discussing chronic suicidality, asking whose stories are valued & why, imagining freaking out as leading to (re-)invitations rather than isolation & shame & gossip, politicizing recovery, &&&(description by author)

Jonas of Cheer the EEF Up zine compiled this sweetandsad zine about parenting - with stories about not knowing if you're doing it "right," being a step-parent, autism, and so much more.

Cometbus 57
Aaron is a really amazing interviewer, and even though I don't know a lot of these comic artists, this issue tells a whole nother story - about art and community and what we say and what we don't say. why we do what we do. woven togehter in Aaron's tapestry way. ...for those of you who know comic artists names, this issue includes interviews with "Gary Panter, Julia Wertz, Ben Katchor, Adrian Tomine, and Gabrielle Bell, but also comics scholars, publishers, shopkeepers, and librarians. Featuring beautiful illustrations by Nate Powell, a wraparound cover by Jeffrey Lewis, and a breathtaking Al Jaffee interview that ties it all together in the end."

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