Resource List: there will be more to come, and hopefully I will soon carry a lot of the zines in my new distro

therapists in Asheville

In Asheville: My old therapist is Shannon O'Neil, at 25 Orange St, near downtown, her phone # is 828-285-9911

I've recently been seeing Patti Eldridge, who I really love too. 828-273-0323. She does Somatics - which is a kind of trauma resolution therapy.

also in Asheville and Madison County is Our Voice. Our Voice is a rape crisis center, and has free counciling (it doesn't have to be recent abuse). They also have counciling for people who are trying to understand their abused partner, or for family and friends. I went to counciling here and I really like the people who work here. It is a good place. In Asheville - 50 S. French Broad, 828-252-0562. In Madison County, 103 S Main St, Marshall 649-3912. They also accept vounteers and do volunteer training.

There are two great counselors who work at Our Voice who also have private practices. Kristin Carswell, 828-670 1275 (she has sliding scale) and, Peyton Kinnaird, LPC, 828-775-5535
In Columbus Ohio, I recomend Mary Ware She does Somatics - which is a kind of trauma resolution therapy.
Philadelphia: Dan Yemin (a friend of mine - I don't know people who have been to see him, but he is good and I trust him) 610-642-4873 x29
also in philly is Center For a Healthy World (which is low cost or maybe free) (610) 664-7793

web sites

www.girlthrive.com this is a site put together by the woman who wrote Invisible Girls. It has information and resources aimed at teens, but relevant for all.

www.phillyspissed.net This is a group working in Philadelphia against sexual assault in radical communities.

www.theicarusproject.net this is about mental health, not specific to abuse. My friends started this, and I can't believe what a great resource it has become.

www.fruitiondesign.com/dealwithit this is a journal put out by anti-sexist men in support of the struggle to end sexist oppression, and includes the article Taking the First Step: Suggestions to People Called Out for Abusive Behavior

Generation 5 - this is a group that is working to end childhood sexual abuse within 5 generations.

Radical Mental Health Zine Disto


The Courage to Heal, The Courage to Heal Workbook, Allies in Healing. These were the first books I read, and they are huge and intense, but really good. The Courage to Heal made me feel real and not alone. It is sometimes retraumatizing to read it, but it has been and continues to be really helpful.

the Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse, by Wendy Maltz. I haven't read this whole book, but it looks really good. It doesn't have as many personal stories, and has a lot of exercises and advice of things to do to heal. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and I am now recomending it to you!

Invisible Girls: the Truth About Sexual Abuse. A Book For Teen Girls, Young Women, and Everyone Who Cares About Them, by Dr. Patti Feuereisen www.girlthrive.com, by Seal Press

The Survivor's Guide to Sex: How to Have an Empowered Sex Life After Child Sexual Abuse, by Staci Haines. I love this book. Staci Haines is a sex educator and former manager of Good Vibrations. She is trained in somatics - which is a way to heal not just in your brain but also in your body. My therapist is also into somatics, and I've found it to have really great tools in dealing with the trauma I feel in my body on a regular daily basis.

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, by Peter Levine. My therapist recomended this book to me, and I only read the beginning, but it is good, except it has this one really fucked up line where it is talking about the way it feels when trauma is stored in the body, and it says it's like when you get interupted when you're about to come, which I think is so fucked up and is something that guys have used against us to make us feel pressured to have sex. It is a really terrible metaphor and is such bullshit, but other than that, the book is really useful. It's for all kinds of trauma, not just sexual abuse trauma, and talks about ways that trauma gets stored in the body, and ways to work on releasing and healing. It's about Somatics.

I Will Survive: The African-American Guide to Healing from Sexual Assault and Abuse, by Lori Robinson. I haven't seen this book, but it is published by Seal Press, which is a publishing company I trust. Their description is "This valuable resource for survivors - and their families, friends, and communities - walks readers through the processes of emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual healing and the particular difficulties African Americans face on their journey to recovery"

She Who Was Lost is Remembered: Healing from Incest Through Creativity, ed Louise M. Wisechild. This book also was recomended to me, but I haven't read it all. It is the personal stories of over 30 women artists, writers, musicians, playwrights and poets, and ways that they used creativity to mend their spirits and their bodies.

When Rabbit Howls, by the Troops For Truddi Chase. This book is really intense and really good. It's a personal story/novel about discovering that they are multiple personality, written by the people inside..

Sexual Harassment: Women Speak Out, ed Sumrall and Taylor.

Freddy Stories, by Lynda Barry I love this comic book. It is sad, but also beautiful and with hope. I even used the protector spirit that comes to Freddy when I needed something to protect me and couldn't find anything in my brain.

When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chodron


articles, stories and essays you can read right here a lot of these helped me in some way. some of them I don't 100% agree with, but still found useful

for a list of articles and links to them, click here

zines some of these zines I have put info on how to get them, but some of them I am still not sure. Hopefully I'll have copies for my distro someday

Mend My Dress #1 This zine was written while she was reading The Courage To Heal It is about sexual abuse, her father and stepbrother. also abusive relationship. It is really painful memories. Breaking secrets. $2 Neely, 6653 Carleton Ave S Seattle WA 98108

Brainscan 21: irreconcilable differences this zine is about psychological abuse in a relationship, written by the girl who wrote Stolen Sharpie Revolution. It reminds me a lot about a relationship I was in once, where I lost what little self esteem I had, and became very isolated and self-doubting and self-hating. It is about manipulation and control and things that a lot of people experience in relationships that often go unspoken, that often are pushed on us, like it is all in our heads. I think this zine is really good and could help people see and talk about ways they've been kept under. $3 you can also order it from me at the zine distro page

Philly Dudes Collective - this zine is about how a group of people organized themselves to discuss and work on issues of masculinity. It has questions and starting points and what they did during their first year as a collective. I am always wishing men would start groups to talk about patriarchy and also about masculinity, and this is a really good resource for people who want to start a group like that, without falling into the pitfalls of self-blame and guilt. To get a copy, email toolkit@riseup.net

I've Got Angels in my Head This is a zine about multiple personality disorder - and is really good. It is good for knowing more about this, and also for any survivor or friend of survivors. here are a couple excerpts: forgiving myself
letter to friends

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